UF/IFAS Peach Program Video

I was meeting with our awesome IFAS Communications video manager yesterday, who reminded me that this video was on their UF/IFAS research page!

This video highlights just a few things going on in the research side of the UF Stone Fruit Program!  We try to address issues that have impact in the industry – and I am always on the lookout for the next big issue to research!  Let me know if you have questions about orchard cultural practices, diseases or insects – it might just lead me to my next research project!

Have a great day!


U.S. Stone Fruit Being Exported to Australia

The first shipments of U.S. stone fruit including peaches and nectarines from Idaho, Oregon and Washington arrived in Australia this year.  An article in the Fruit Growers News tells the details: http://fruitgrowersnews.com/index.php/efgn/entry/australia-opens-borders-to-u.s.-stone-fruit-efgn-october-2013.

This is great news for our growers focused on early production and working with western U.S. fruit marketing entities.  With an estimate of $50 million over the next 5 years, this news is a great boon to growers here in the U.S. The article doesn’t specify if the peaches being sent are melting or non-melting flesh, but it would be great to do an export test to see which ones hold up better during transit and at the consumer end for quality.

In my opinion – “a rising tide lifts all boats”.

No USDA during Government Shutdown

USDA shutdownAs we all have heard by now, the U.S. government is going through a partial shutdown, which includes many of our national parks, NASA, and the USDA, including many sections of the USDA.  This could affect those seeking to get a written agreement for peach crop insurance, which is due by the end of November, and was suggested to be in by October 31st.

We all hope that it is a short shutdown and that many federal employees will go back to work soon.  So – my question to you is:  How is this partial government shutdown affecting you?