Calibrating Spray Equipment

DSC_0128This late fall weather has been absolutely crazy!

Many growers have peach trees in the orchard that have sporadic bloom on them, yet haven’t put out their oil sprays for scale, or other dormant sprays such as copper (if you had problems with bacterial spot last year and have a variety such as TropicBeauty or Flordaprince that are not as resistant).

If you have bud swell over 50% of the tree, be sure to reduce the percentage of oil that is applied, otherwise there is a fair chance for bud damage.

When you make the decision to start spraying, be sure that your equipment is in working order and is calibrated.  Calibration is important to avoid putting out more or less than the recommended amount.  If too much material is applied, the rate applied may be illegal (off-label), while if it is too little, disease or insect resistance may occur.

Here are some EDIS documents from UF on calibrating various pieces of spray equipment:

Calibrating Backpack Sprayers:

Broadcast Boom Sprayers:

Calibrating Airblast Sprayers:

Spray Gun Calibration:

Conversion Factors (handy to have around on a piece of paper!):

Pesticide Calibration Formulas and Information:

Pesticide Safety Miniposter (to hang up near pesticide storage):


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