About Us

Our mission for the Stone Fruit Research and Extension program is to help expand the Florida stone fruit industry by conducting appropriate research and extension projects. We welcome feedback and industry participation.

Dr. Ali Sarkhosh

I am responsible for maintaining an active research program in optimizing stone fruit production practices, including crop load management, efficient production practices and nutrition management.  I work with various UF/IFAS stations around the state and with several multi-county extension agents to address establishment and production issues in stone fruit.  I am also responsible for effective communication transfer of research results and improvements in stone fruit production with the goal of expanding a competitive stone fruit industry in Florida.

Dustin Huff

Dustin started as a biological scientist in the fall of 2017. He has a B.S. degree in Horticultural science from the University of Florida.

Former Faculty

Dr. Mercy Olmstead


Current Graduate Students

Yuru Chang

Former Graduate Students

Mary Ann Maquilan

Zilfina Rubio Ames

Carlos Zambrano-Vaca

Elizabeth Conlan

Elizabeth graduated with her M.S. degree in December 2016, and now works for a private berry company in California.

Current student interns

Austyn Sanchez



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